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Introducing Generation 5

At NPE 2024 from May 6 to 10, the complete 5th generation machine family – the electric VE5 and  ZE5, and the servo-hydraulic MA5 and JU5 – will be presented to North and South American injection molders and plastics media for the first time. The new generation of machines from Haitian and Zhafir combines innovation at the highest level, paving the way for more intelligent and connected manufacturing. Using AI algorithms and the latest sensor technology, we are achieving intelligent optimization of production processes and giving our machines the ability to self-recognize, self-adapt, self-decide and self-reconstruct. What’s more, the G5 offers many of these smart features as standard equipment.

HT Energy 2.0
Intelligent Energy Management 2.0 as standard. Display and management refinement of energy consumption. Establishment of an energy-saving ecosystem.
HT Clamp 2.0
Intelligent opening and closing 2.0 as standard. Self-learning algorithm for precise mold movements.
HT Lubricate
Intelligent lubrication as standard.Multi-data algorithm for intelligent lubrication control and intelligent setting of lubrication parameters.
HT Analysis
Intelligent diagnostics and support. 2D code alarm and online help. 

The intelligent Generation 5 molding machine is equipped with a wide range of flexible integration functions as standard. Open interfaces support efficient connection with peripherals, automation, etc. With the communication of upstream and downstream data, integrated production, scheduling, process control and quality traceability enables full life cycle management including energy consumption, decision analysis, etc.

Through research & development, the Generation 5 machine line incorporates even more energy-saving and consumption-reducing technologies and upgraded energy-saving equipment to further reduced carbon emissions, and provide efficient technological solutions for processing degradable and recyclable materials.

Generation 5 technology further reduces our customers’ operating costs, thereby increasing their production efficiency. Moderate acquisition costs for Haitian and Zhafir machines remains among our core criteria. State-of-the-art production plants around the world, in-house manufacturing of core components, R&D in close cooperation with Haitian Drives Systems and Haitian Smart Solutions has resulted in affordable innovation and turnkey solutions from a single source.

Visit us in booth #W943 to dig into the details of the VE5, ZE5, MA5 and JU5.